The Naval Store

    Event Space and

    Centre for the Future


    New Possibilities for Western Australia

    The Naval Store

    We are currently transforming the old Naval Store in Fremantle into a dynamic new ideas and innovation centre - a centre for the future.


    We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. This means that no single organisation, discipline or philosophy alone has the answers to how to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

    We need to work together.


    That's why we invite organisations and individuals that are aligned with our values conscience, creativity, community and courage, focussed on the future of Western Australia, and keen to engage with the Naval Store community.


    Contact us today to be part of this new centre for the future!



    The Naval Store is for hire!

    This beautiful heritage-listed warehouse built for the Australian navy in 1935 is a unique venue which is ideal for large events.


    It has a ground floor area of 840m2, nine newly installed toilets and two large roller doors for vehicle access, such as food trucks etc. The capacity is 425 people.


    The space is located at the foot of the Cantonment Hill which has amazing views over Fremantle and the ocean.


    Fill out this form to get a quote for space hire for your event. We give reduced rates for non-profits, charities and community groups.



    Creating a New Generation of Changemakers


    Activities, events and organisations that are hosted in The Naval Store are curated by the enkel collective - a group of people in Perth that works to inspire, support and engage changemakers.

    More info about enkel and its mission, vision and purpose, is found here.



    “There is currently unprecedented investment and renewal under way in Fremantle with the combined level of private and public investment in the pipeline totalling more than $1 billion including several civic, commercial, residential and retail developments.

    Freo possesses immense cultural and social capital ... Fremantle’s character and the creative milieu it fosters are unsurpassed within Western Australia, drawing artists, tourists, and visitors from all over the world.”


    Dr Brad Petitt, Mayor of Fremantle



    The Naval Store is part of the Cantonment Hill precinct, and is located opposite the old Fremantle traffic bridge - at the gateway to the port city.

    In coming years, Cantonment Hill will be a vital connecting hub between Fremantle, East Fremantle and North Fremantle.


    In February 2019, the federal government agency Infrastructure Australia decided to prioritise the replacement of the Old Fremantle Traffic bridge with a new bridge. In the Fremantle 2029 Transformational Moves strategy it is suggested that the old bridge will be turned into a bike and footbridge, which would end in front of the Naval Store.


    The Naval Store was built in 1935 and since then has accommodated a range of organisations.


    The space and surrounding area has not been used for the last decades, but now City of Fremantle is investing in bringing this culturally significant place back to life. This project is shared between enkel and City of Fremantle; we are responsible for the Naval Store activation, community engagement and program development, while City of Fremantle has upgraded the outside of the building, surrounding parkland and adjacent Cantonment Hill.


    A park with an adventure playground has recently been built on the hill, with fantastic views of the Swan River.


    For event space booking requests, please fill out this form.


    For general inquiries, use the form below.

    Corner of Canning Highway and Queen Victoria Street
    Fremantle 6160
    Western Australia
    Visit by appointment.
    (Parking at Tuckfield Oval behind the space.)